Links to help for Seniors

Here is a collection of resources for seniors put together by a thoughtful reader Jasmine Dyoco

 in the hopes of showing them some of the support available for them. 

Aging at Home: Common Problems and Solutions

How Seniors are Designing Social Support Networks

The Ultimate Guide to Home Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

The Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors

Addiction Among SeniorsSubstance abuse among seniors can fall into two large groups: the “hardy survivor”, or people who have been abusing substances for many year; and the “late onset”, or people who became substance abusers later in life. Regrettably, it most commonly occurs due to misuse of drugs prescribed for chronic health problems. This site gives lot of information about the reasons for substance abuse among seniors. 

Finding a Family: Discovering Your Queer Community When You’re 65