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Making The New Year Count
December 31, 2006

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #073, December 31, 2006

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· Saw Palmetto and Prostate Disorders

· Move Toward The Goals You Care About In 2007

· There Is Still Time To Play Santa (Especially To Yourself)


Written by Noel McNaughton (c) copyright 2006


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Welcome to this issue of Midlife Wisdom for Men.

This is the last issue of 2006. I hope this past year has been good for you, and that the coming year is even better.

If you are in the midst of a difficult time (say a tough midlife transition), hang in there, and know with certainty that this too shall pass. The only unknown is how soon.

I went through five years of little-to-no income (churned through all my retirement savings), and mild depression during my early fifties, and at the start of every year, I wondered when the struggle was going to end.

I began to 'emerge' at about age 56, and now, at 61, my life has never felt better.

Here is an old Celtic blessing I echo for you in 2007:

God keep you safe,
God keep you warm
God keep you and
yours from all harm.
May He bless your
kith and kin,
the hearth, the house
and all within.

There are about 970 words in the articles in this newsletter, which should take you about three and a half minutes to read.

All the best for the Christmas season, and many blessings in the New Year,



Saw Palmetto and Prostate Disorders

Chances are you have begun to experience some symptoms of an enlarged prostate, aka 'benign prostatic hyperplasia' or BPH. In other words, you are going to pee more often in the middle of the night, it takes longer to get started, and you can't seem to completely empty your bladder. Saw palmetto, which I take every day, is among the top ten most popular botanical remedies sold in the US. More than two dozen studies have shown that saw palmetto can help relieve the symptoms of BPH, but last February a study in The New England Journal of Medicine said it wasn't effective after all.

That seemed to contradict previous research, in which 3139 men from twenty one randomized trials lasting four to forty eight weeks showed that saw palmetto provides mild to moderate improvement in enlarged prostate symptoms. In fact it produced similar improvement to the drug finasteride, but finasteride produced adverse side effects. (Saw palmetto can have some side effects, with some men, such as mild digestive upset, but none that any study found to be significant.)

Mark Blumenthal, founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council (ABC), an independent, non-profit educational organization, says the recent trial really did not contradict previous clinical research on saw palmetto for BPH. Earlier studies focused on men with mild to moderate symptoms. This study was with men having moderate to severe symptoms. According to Blumenthal, when researchers studied men with more severe symptoms, they should have raised the dosage too, but they didn't.

As far as he is concerned, the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that saw palmetto remains a safe and effective choice for BPH.

An interesting side note is that in the study reported by the New England Journal of Medicine, the placebo group had twice as many side effects as the group taking saw palmetto, and some side effects in the placebo group were 'seriously adverse'. Blumenthal wonders whether this means the men in the study had other health problems that interfered with the treatment of their swollen prostates.

If you want to read more about it, go here: ABC comments on saw palmetto study

Another scientist-blogger is critical of the way the study was designed. "Abel Pharmboy" says they didn't even identify what they were looking for. More data here: Abel Pharmboy Blog

At any rate, I will continue to take saw palmetto twice a day, as suggested by earlier studies. I have been taking it now for about five months, and although the changes in my symptoms are not dramatic, I think I do have to pee just a bit less often, and that is good enough for me :-)


"If in the last few years you haven't discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse. You may be dead." Gelett Burgess


Move Toward The Goals You Care About In 2007

Long ago I read a direct-marketing ad for a book called "Lazy Man's Way To Riches". The ad was so good, I talked a co-worker into sharing the cost with me, and we bought the book. It was about direct marketing, and it set me off in a whole new direction in my life. It was well worth the ten bucks we paid.

The last line in the ad was what 'pushed me over the edge'. It said something along the lines of 'six months from now, you could be on your way to living the life of your dreams, or you could just be six months older. You decide.'

I suppose what that line told me was that I was getting older anyway, so I might as well start taking some action toward what I really wanted to do.

Another book that helped move me forward was How To Get Control Of Your Time And Your Life by Alan Lakein. Lakein's book has a 'lifetime goal-setting' exercise in it that Elizabeth and I still do every New Years day.

It helps us remind ourselves of what our important goals are, and clarify which ones we will actually do something about in the coming year. It takes less than half an hour, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to move toward achieving what they want in life, rather than just being twelve months older come next January.

If you want to do it, go to Scroll down till you come to 'Lifetime Goal Setting', copy and print it, with an extra for your spouse, and go to it. You'll be glad you did!


Did you hear what the dyslexic Highway Patrolman did on New Year's?

He spent the whole night handing out I.U.D.'s ====================================

There Is Still Time To Play Santa (Especially To Yourself)

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A New Year’s Prayer - Anonymous

Dear Lord, please give me…
A few friends who understand me and remain my friends;
A work to do which has real value,
without which the world would be the poorer;
A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed;
An understanding heart;
A sense of humour;
Time for quiet, silent meditation;
A feeling of the presence of God;
The patience to wait for the coming of these things,
With the wisdom to recognize them when they come.


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All the best, Noel

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