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What Kind Of Face Are You Creating?
January 31, 2007

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #075, January 31, 2007

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· Statins Have Side Effects, Fish Oil Supplements Don't

· What Kind Of Face Are You Creating?


Written by Noel McNaughton (c) copyright 2007


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Welcome to this issue of Midlife Wisdom for Men.

A couple of issues ago I wrote about saw palmetto for easing the symptoms of benign swollen prostate that affect so many of us. The article prompted some letters, one of which recommended a New Chapter product called 5lx, which I ordered and said I would report on this issue.

I have taken it for a little more than two weeks now, and have not noted a dramatic difference, although I have been going to the bathroom less often during the night (I only get up once now, as opposed to two or three times).

The stuff should work better than saw palmetto, as it contains more saw palmetto extract than the HealthBalance saw palmetto capsules I buy at Costco, plus pumkin seed oil (although slightly less than the amount found in the HealthBalance saw palmetto capsules). But 5lx also contains selenium, green tea extract, ginger extract, stinging nettle extract and rosemary leaf extract, all of which are said to help prevent either benign swollen prostate (BSP), or reduce or prevent prostate cancer.

5lx is significantly more expensive than saw palmetto, but theoretically has more 'hitting power'. I bought enough to last me about eight months, so will give a further review after a longer trial period.

There are about 950 words in the articles in this newsletter, which should take you about three minutes to read.




Statins Have Side Effects, Fish Oil Supplements Don't

My sister-in-law is a pharmacist, and my brother's cholesterol level is higher than doctors like to see it, so she has convinced him to take a statin drug. I wish he wouldn't, as I have read some unfavorable comments about the side-effects of statins.

I no longer know what my cholesterol level is, although I suspect it is higher than my doctor would like to see. I am not convinced, again because of some recent research I have seen (sorry, I can't remember the sources), that suggests high cholesterol may not be such a huge health problem unless you are part of the 5% of the population that cannot even process the cholesterol your body manufactures, let alone any you take in through what you eat.

I do, however, take three Omega-3 fish oil capsules (EPA 400, DHA 200) every day. I buy these at Costco, as they are competitively priced, and the fish oil in them is 'molecularly distilled and ultra purified', which is important, as most fish have many pollutants (e.g. PCBs) in their fat these days.

Fish Oil Compared to Statins

A large research review published in the April 11, 2005 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine reviewed 97 clinical trials that, in total, included 275,000 men and women. This analysis evaluated the risk of death as a function of diet, the use of statins (lipid lowering drugs), and intakes of omega-3 fatty acids (commonly found in fish and fish oil supplements).

Statins and omega-3 fatty acids significantly lowered both overall death and death due to heart disease. When compared to controls, the overall rate was reduced 13% by statin drugs and 23% by omega-3 fatty acids. Death from heart disease alone was reduced 22% by statin drugs, while omega-3 fatty acids lowered the death rate by 32%.

Omega-3 fatty acids did not reduce cholesterol levels significantly, and researchers suggested their benefits may have been due to protection against heart arrhythmias and systemic inflammation.


Productive Aging Fact-of-the-month: The Venetian doge Enrico Dandolo led the Venetians on the Fourth Crusade in 1204, when he was 97 years old.


What Kind Of Face Are You Creating?

A few years ago I read an article about a prestigious plastic surgery clinic in Montreal, Quebec, where the famous and/or wealthy went to get face lifts and so forth. What surprised me (perhaps I am naive), was that the majority of this clinic's clients were men, usually senior executives, in their fifties and older.

These men knew that if they started looking 'old', they would lose power, and be torn apart by the young tigers climbing the ladder behind them who wanted their positions.

I don't think the average man is going to get a face lift (am I being naive again?), but I do think we do what we can to look as young as possible, and I think that is a pity.

I am reading What Are Old People For? How Elders Will Save The World by William H. Thomas, M.D., and in the introduction he talks about our society's desperation to appear young, and the billions we spend on cosmetics, surgery and botox injections. He includes an interesting quote from Marilyn Monroe from the book The Force Of Character by James Hillman.

Monroe said "I want to grow old without facelifts. They take the life out of a face, the character. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I've made."

I think Marilyn Monroe had not only courage, but wisdom, especially considering the industry she worked in.

Are you being loyal to the face you've made?

No doubt you have noticed, as I have, that as we age, our character and life experiences are increasingly reflected in our faces. By the time we get to our late forties and beyond, our faces begin to show the lines and creases brought about by the struggles we have faced, the sorrows we have suffered, the attitudes we hold toward life, and even the devious things we have done.

These are not apparent in our youth, but as psychologist James Hillman says "...after sixty especially... A face is being made, often against your will, as witness to your character."

When you look in the mirror, do you like the face you see being made there? Is it an honest, open, happy face? A wise face? A compassionate face? Or perhaps a stressed, worried, harried, or even unkind face?

Here is the good news: if you don't like the face you are making, you can change it, but it is an inside job. It requires looking inside yourself for your truth, for the meaning of your life, figuring out what is important, maybe even clarifying your life mission, and then living the values you find there.

This is difficult work, and in my opinion, is one of the major tasks we face at midlife. Often we need help, in the form of personal growth workshops, spiritual retreats, or psychotherapy. You might also explore the Your Life Mission section of my website.

A great organization for helping us become more truly men, and discover our sense of mission, is The ManKind Project, which conducts New Warrior Training Adventure weekends throughout North America, and in the UK, France, Germany, South Africa and Australia.

We have all met older men whose bitter, resentful, or 'victim' attitudes shows in their faces. What kind of face are you making?


Little Johnny hadn't spoken a word in all his six years of life. Finally, one morning at breakfast he cried out, 'Mum, the toast's burnt!'

His amazed mother hugged him joyfully and asked, 'Johnny, why haven't you spoken before?'

'Well,' he replied 'everything's been all right up till now.'


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