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Am I his mid-life crisis??

by amanda

I am 31 and married. recently a male coworker who is 50 and married started hitting on me. I pushed him away at first, but he was persistent. finally I gave him my phone number. we have been having an affair for 6 months now. I know its wrong but i am started to get somewhat attached. I'm not stupid. i believe i am his midlife crisis. my question i just his temporary infatuation?? or do these things ever last??

Noel's response

Chances are better than average that you are his temporary infatuation, but in some cases this kind of relationship does last.

My suggestion is that if your affair carries on and you think it might have a chance of becoming a lasting (and you want it to), you stop seeing him until he has formally separated from his wife (i.e. has moved out and filed for divorce). If he does that, you will know that he too is committed to your relationship. If he drags it out and he comes up with many excuses why he has not taken action yet, you may as well move on.

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