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bipolar scaring me

by heather stoutt

my husbands bipolar is getting worse i can see it by the day just about and its kind of scaring me, and he gets very offensive when i bring it up to him and taking his medicine, what do i do?

Noel's response

The only thing I can suggest is you talk to his doctor, or perhaps counselor, if he has one, to get them to encourage him to take his meds.

If you are worried he might become violent, you might have to seek safe shelter somewhere.

Comments for bipolar scaring me

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Feb 24, 2017
Wow, trying to pretend you didn't post this
by: You know who this is

You posting on here that the original post is fake is a lie, you got called out on the post in court and admitted to it and tried to back step and pretend you never said it. Him being bipolar is not the problem. The problem is methamphetamines and how aggressive it can make you. You both have serious drug problems. You dumped your kids and have not contacted them or even tried to so you can be an addict and stay with a man you and your kids are afraid of. Instead of trying to cover for mistakes, quit making them. Get your crap together and be the decent human being you once were.

Jul 03, 2013
by: Heather

I just came across this via Google. I did not write this. My husband is not bi polar and wouldn't give anyone reason to think he is. I'm sure this was posted by someone just to be malicious. Thank you taking interest in our lives, and keep on hating! :) Have a great day!

May 26, 2012
bi polar?
by: Anonymous

Well if you are doing school girl stuff like calling him out on the internet I feel sorry for the poor guy. He could just be fed up with the embarrassing insult he feels your dealing him. People are sensitive to mental illness comments no matter how they are approached. Maybe you can't understand this because you aren't the one dealing with it.

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