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Understanding the Depression Warning Signs

I’d like to discuss depression warning signs with you because I know from personal experience what feeling depressed can do to a man during midlife.

Additionally, I know that we as men will often try to “live with it”, rather than seek out help. This not only leads to a deteriorating lifestyle for you personally, but it also affects your partner and your relationship.

Many wives become depressed simply because they see your depression warning signs and don’t know what to do in order to help you through it.

I do realize that many of us can feel “low” for a variety of reasons and it doesn’t always mean we’re deeply depressed.

However, it’s important to me that you understand when it may be time for you to seek outside help. If you find that you have an abundance of the following symptoms, please don’t try to “live with it”. Your life, your relationship and your happiness during midlife are on the line here.

Depression Warning Signs: Physical

Consider how many physical changes you’ve experienced:

  • Sexual desire has diminished significantly
  • You have ailments nothing seems to help: backaches, headaches, etc
  • Sleep has been affected…you wake up very early, or even when you’re exhausted, you can’t sleep
  • You’ve experienced weight gain
  • Your appetite has decreased
  • Your energy levels are very low…you always feel tired

Your Mind & Thinking Process

Depression warning signs in this area could be:

  • You’ve become quite pessimistic…negative thoughts dominate your thinking
  • People and activities that used to be important to you no longer are
  • You find it’s become more and more difficult to make decisions
  • You’re often sad or feeling guilty about things you have or haven’t done
  • You can’t get your mind off of what you consider to be challenges, failures or problems
  • You think often about suicide or harming yourself
  • Your focus and concentration levels are lacking

Your Emotions

  • You’re irritable often and are lashing out at others easily
  • You’re lonely, even when you’re around a group of friends or family
  • You have a general feeling of misery
  • You become angry very easily, even over things that never used to bother you much
  • Your confidence and self esteem are at an all time low
  • You feel hopeless, discouraged, and disappointed
  • You can’t even get out of bed because you’re emotionally drained
  • Even so-called mundane tasks, such as cooking, getting dressed, etc become difficult to endure
  • You find yourself crying more often

Please understand that all of us can have a few of the above depression warning signs at some point. What I want you to consider is whether you can tick off an abundant amount of these symptoms.

If so, I encourage you to think about getting help. As men, we can think of “getting help” as a sign of weakness.

However, please consider where not getting help for depression and continuing to spiral downward is going to take you.

Will ignoring depression warning signs and withdrawing more and more from your life create strength, ambition and lovingness in your life…or just the opposite?

One of the first things I suggest you do if you think you’re depressed is to talk to your spouse or close family member/friend. Open up about it. Get some feedback. Then, if you realize you need it, get outside help so you can overcome this.

I also believe that if you read some of the stories on my site about other men who have gone through midlife depression, you’ll realize that you’re not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't forget, though, that men are harder to diagnose because we don't recognize or won't admit the symptoms of depression.

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