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"Ex" remarries (younger woman) and then CHOOSES to have twins!

by Scorned

As we all know, a man's mid-life crisis has NO explanation...BUT...if he CHOOSES to remarry a younger woman and then CHOOSES to intentionally have twins at 48 (via expensice IVF treatments!), can that really make him happy? I just want to hear other's opinions on what he could possibly be thinking!!!! We were together for 24 years and now have two grown children (21 & 24). How could he possibly want to start another family (especially twins!!!) at this time in his life? He is a full-blown Narcissist, but even so, the idea of starting another family at this age couldn't possibly be inviting, right? He travels for a living and is gone 3-4 days a week and when he's home he's constantly on the phone or computer with his work. He wasn't the greatest dad the first time around..... he's very harsh, impatient and yells a lot. I would just like to hear other's opionions of what they think his new life is going to be like. Thanks!

Noel's response

If, as you say, he is a full-blown narcissist, I doubt he is very concerned about his responsibilities as a new dad. He may be looking at it as some sort of accomplishment.

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Mar 02, 2012
Narcissism sucks for the spouse!!!
by: Anonymous

You are right Noel...DUH, what was I thinking!? Of course any and all of what he has done has been about wanting others to see his 'great accomplishments' (you should just hear ALL of the things he did over the course of our 23 year marriage to show off to everyone how wonderful, great, envied and sought-after he's quite sickening, actually!) Oh, and did I mention he even slept with my sister!!!! Of which, she is now dead to me as well! He wants to be envied so much that he is in debt to the tune of $1.5 million!! But his moto has always been "He who dies with the most toys wins" !!! Thanks for letting me vent!

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