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He just left...

Ok so here it goes...

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 5 years. I even am in the works of moving to be with him as he's Canadian and I'm American. I have been staying with him at his parent's house as we had to move out of the apartment we had. We are an "age gap" couple. He's going to be 46 on Sept. 1st and I'm 23. He is in the works of getting divorced and has two kids. He also coaches his kids ball team and is on a diamond 4-5 nights a week. Baseball just ended last night (Fri.) His mother has been talking to both of us separately saying that I need to go back home because it's no life for me to be here all by myself most of the time.

We have had many discussions about what all has been said and both still want me to be here. About a month ago we nearly broke up by me leaving because I'd found out he'd cheated on me. I had my bags packed and was just waiting til the end of the week when I could get someone to come get me. We talked things out and worked it out. (or so I thought)

Back to the present...Thursday I made him his breakfast and lunch like I usually would. His truck wasn't working at first when he went to leave for work, so I was out there to see what I could do to help.

He left for work, had ball that night, and normally would come home afterward. He didn't. I stayed up all night trying to reach him. I called him and texted him so many times. I had to babysit the next day for the neighbor. I even tried calling him from their house. Never got hold of him. Friday came and went and still nothing until I got home from babysitting. I saw that I had an e-mail from him. It said he was sorry he hadn't been able to answer my calls or texts. He said his son was having some "attitude problems". That was the explanation I got. I knew he had ball that night as well, so I waited up for him. His mom came home after the game..He didn't.

I waited up until 1 AM waiting for him again. He never came. Today (Sat.) I went with his sister to a craft fair to help her with her booth. I had sent him an e-mail before leaving with hopes I'd hear back. I came home expecting to hear back. Nothing. I sent him another text via the computer. Still nothing. It's now nearly 11PM and still nothing. I'm so confused because the Wed. night we made love and it was all smiles and happiness and then he leaves and there's no explanation for it. I don't know what to think.

Noel's response

The first clue is that he is 47 and lives with his mom. What kind of man does that?

He is acting like a boy by not calling you, by not responding to your texts and emails.

He sounds like a boy in a man's body. My suggestion is that you go find a man.

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