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Husband is 42 years old and all of a sudden very emotional!!

by Constance

My husband has always been a strong man and now he cries over alot of stuff!! Why?

Noel's response

I am not sure why men often become emotional at midlife, but I suspect it is due to hormone changes. it is very common for men at midlife. I have a friend who even cries when there is a news story about someone being rescued from a dangerous situation... anything that has emotional content often makes middle aged men cry, or at least feel very emotional. I experienced the same thing when I was in my early fifties. I am less emotional now, but still feel more emotional than I used to.
The other thing that happens at midlife is that our 'internal feminine' begins to awaken, which also causes us to be more emotional. A mistake some men make is to try to deny and suppress this emotional part of themselves, seeing it as a weakness, when really it is a strength, and should be paid attention to.

Women's 'internal masculine' begins to awaken at midlife as well, which makes women want to 'get out into the world more'.

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