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husband of 33 years just left to go home to mommy. why ?

We were not fighting or nothing. he just lost his job and informed me he was going home to his parents and never working again. There pretty wealthy and yes his Mom will support him. He sit here for three months after losing his job promising me he was going to get a job running all the bills in the hole then said he was leaving.

He didn't take nothing of his. He told me to sell it burn it. He didn't care. Told me he still loved me but left me. Im disabled and Im losing my mind trying to figure this all out. If you can help I thank you....Cindy

Noel's response

I assume he is in his 50s, and perhaps is going through a midlife transition. Having lost his job, he might also be suffering a loss of self esteem. Nevertheless, he sounds like a boy in a man's body. I don't know whether he is supporting you financially, but if not I suggest you see a lawyer to get the help you need.

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