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by Jeannie
(Alexandria, Virginia USA)


My husband just turned 55. In the past month he has become extremely hyperactive along with changing his entire attitude about work and home.

He gets extremely irritated when I try to talk to him about it but I am very concerned that he isn't sleeping well (staying up until 3 am doing things around the house like rearranging the entire kitchen) and getting up and going to work.

He has started taking vitamins for prostate health but from what I have read being hyper or sleepless is not a side effect.

Is this normal for a man going through a midlife transition/crisis?

Noel's answer

I don't know that it is 'normal', but it is not uncommon. A number of years ago a friend of mine, who was 55 at the time, had a heart attack. He thought he might not have much time left, and started to work ridiculously long hours. I told him if he was worried about not living long, his overwork would certainly help his fear come true.

It sounds as though your husband is having a full-blown midlife crisis. It also sounds as though he is worried about his health, and is very aware that the end of his life is looming into view.

It would be good if he was willing to have a full medical check-up, which we all should have every year after we reach our fifties. It might put some of his health fears to rest.

I don't know how long this 'manic stage' might last, but I doubt more than six months to a year.

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