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I'm 30 year old female and my 48 year old bf broke up with me. I thought we loved each other???

(City of Angels)

I feel that my boyfriend now ex, "always wants to be right... a kind of know it all." I usually just let it be, but I recently got upset over, what is now "a stupid misunderstanding" which could have been avoided before he left to Vegas...We were together 1yr 9 months. He left due to a job assignment. I didn't call him while he was there and we sent each other generic texts because I originally told him I was upset, but didn't want to spoil his weekend as he was doing something amazing... I knew we were going to have and argument, but i feel i had a right to be upset and defend my position. HE has told 3 time (3rd time being when he broke up with me) "maybe I'm not the one for you" and this 3rd time he gave me my stuff and it was over. II am confused as to why, when i thought and felt we really loved each other and when we were together he seemed and and so was I. I dont think he fought for me, or we fought for each other. One thing I was maybe not sure about us was that I still had not completely decided if I wanted to have a child of my own and he felt, "maybe with the right person, " I never asked him if I was the right person or night, maybe I didn't want to hear whatever it is we women dont want to hear. He has a 14 year old daughter; good kid, an ex-wife who cheated on him (he's been divorced for about 13years and has an amicable/goo relationship with his ex). I asked him in the past if he thought I was a mid life crisis and he's always said no. Maybe he didn't know? I still love him, and i Fu$@#% hate him, I feel he stabbed me right in the heart. Do I wish he come back and fight for me; YES. Do I think he will??? Im not sure, he is a very "stubborn" man who I love dearly. He had a very abusive (on part of father) child hood, and that is where I believe most of his "hot-tempered," "I'm always right because I can prove the facts..." stems from, but I love him anyways. He might feel that I have a list of flaws for him. It's not a list but shit that gets me mad (maybe it is a list),,,,but i still love him. Should I call him? Should I attempt to fight?

Noel's response

It sounds to me as though the two of you need couple counseling in order to learn how to be with each other.
I doubt that 'attempting to fight' would be very useful if he won't fight back.

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Feb 13, 2012
he doesn't deserve u
by: Anonymous

you can do so much better. just stay positive. and mr right eill come.

Feb 09, 2012
love him, love him not
by: afroxylanthe

you might be hurt of being rejected and you feel like that. if someone tells you that he is not the right one for you, then he probably means that you are not the right one for him. so get over it. even if you do get back together this will go on happening so why bother. I'm sure you will always have feelings for him, like you might have for other ex s but love is not enough to keep the fire burning.

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