Midlife... What You Need to Know.

Midlife can be a very challenging time for a man. What we thought we knew, we no longer know. What we thought was important no longer seems to be. It can be a tumultuous and confusing time!

My name is Noel McNaughton. I am sixty nine, and in my mid-fifties I began to emerge from several years of 'midlife transition'. At first I thought I was alone in the changes I was experiencing, but as I began to talk to other men my age, I found almost all men I talked to were going through the same things.

If you are going through some midlife changes, (maybe you feel a bit like you are 'lost in the woods') this site can be your guide and companion. It will take the mystery out of the changes that happen at midlife, and show you how to handle them so you can 'graduate' to the fuller life beyond.

It is important to realize that not all midlife transitions are midlife crises, but they do cause major changes in our lives, whether they feel like crises or not.

"Wholly unprepared, we embark upon the second half of life... we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still we take this step with the false assumption that our truths and ideals will serve as before. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life's morning - for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening have become a lie."
- Carl Jung

Men have struggled through the changes at midlife for centuries...

"Midway on our life's journey, I found myself
In a dark woods, the right road lost. To tell
About those woods is hard - so tangled and rough..."

- Dante - The Inferno

We still struggle today.

Midlife is far more than a handful of physical changes. It often brings a re-ordering of priorities, a change in values, deep soul-searching about the meaning of life, the facing of our own mortality, and a loss of social power.

This website tells our stories... mine, and those of other men I have talked to. Maybe you will find yours here as well. We talk about what we have experienced and what we learned from it.

It also provides a number of resources - books and other products - that will help you on your way.

A Harley or My Wife?

I invite you to check out my latest book, which was published in December, 2010. I think you will find a LOT of useful information in it whether you are a man going through a midlife change, or a woman with a partner who is.

Does any of this sound familiar?...

  • You're taking longer to recover from injuries and illness
  • You've noticed you don't have as much physical stamina as you used to have
  • You've put on a few pounds, and are feeling a little overweight
  • You've had to get reading glasses to make out the small print (and all the print looks smaller), and you're getting so forgetful you can't remember where you put them
  • You are feeling anxious about the future, or maybe you are just generally anxious and don't know exactly why
  • You're feeling a little depressed, or maybe you have had a bout of clinical depression
  • You have noticed you are more irritable, and more emotional in general
  • You can't seem to make decisions as easily as you used to, and you have lost some confidence in your abilities. Life isn't as much fun as it used to be
  • You have started to question the value of what you do for a living, and can't think of what would fire your passion
  • You are not as interested in sex as you used to be, and you have experienced some changes in your sexuality that are worrying you
  • Sex with your partner isn't as exciting as it used to be, and you find yourself daydreaming about having sex with other partners, and are maybe masturbating more, and finding it more satisfying because you don't have to worry about not performing well
  • You are having some problems in your marriage, or maybe you have recently been separated or divorced
  • You feel as though you are dead inside, that the juice in your life is gone
  • Just as puberty is the transition from childhood to adulthood, midlife is the transition from the 'building stage' to the 'mature stage' of adult life and there are as many differences between these two halves of adult life as there are between childhood and first adulthood.

    Every man, roughly between ages forty and sixty, begins to notice both physical and psychological changes. Some adapt to the changes reasonably well, and accept them as part of aging. Others find the changes very distressing.

    If you are a woman, and are wondering what is happening to your man, you may find help here as well. Especially on my women's page at Help For Women

    There are men's stories here... both about midlife struggles, and about the fuller life beyond, told by older men who have gone through the 'dark woods' to a more rewarding life than they thought possible.

    You will also find information on how some traditional societies and folk tales view midlife and a man's role in society as he moves from warrior to elder. The stories are intended to provide some light as you go through your own 'dark woods'.


    I hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful.

    Noel McNaughton
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Phone: 780-432-5492


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