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IS this a midlife crisis?

i got married at 17, to a soldier. he was 21. i'm now 23 and he is 27. he has been gone for 16 months at a time and most recently 2 years. we live separate lives but he has supported me ever since and we talk all the time. he tells me he loves me but doesn't know if he is in love with me or can ever be again. asked for him to file for divorce but he won't. whenever he comes back to the states we meet up and stay together and things feel so natural.. whatever that is. he is on depression medication, he drinks alcohol constantly, and on pain pills, and to make matters worse. I am 7 months pregnant. I have never caught him cheating, but he has told me of him having sex with other women , but so have i. i don't know what to do. im having a baby with him, i love him,t im not in love with him.. ive actually been with someone else for a year.. how messed up is this. i feel like i cant leave right now. im having a baby with him, and im scared i wont find a man who is such a good provider as him.

Noel's response:
This does not sound like a midlife crisis. It sounds more like a difficult life situation that you will need some counseling to help figure out.

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