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Legal separation instead of a divorce

by Dianne

My husband is in a midlife crisis and wants a divorce, I don't. He has been in this crisis for about 6 months or longer. I know it takes a lot of time for them to go through this so my question is, should I say no I will not divorce you but I understand you need your freedom right now and I will agree to a legal separation. That way we are both free to do what we want and see who we want.

I just feel this would give him the opportunity to do want he needs to do but if he comes out of this fog our marriage won't be ruined.

Divorce is just so permanent and I don't think right now he is in a mentally solid enough place to make such a serious decision.

If after a year or so one of us really does want out then we know what we are up against. After a trial separation we will know what it's like to live without the other.
Any thoughts?

Noel's response

If that is suitable to both of you, it sounds like a plausible solution. It is a lot less permanent (not to mention expensive) than a divorce. If you are unable to come to clear terms about your legal separation (e.g. finances), I suggest you hire the services of a mediator.

Good luck!

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