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Make new friends

by GG


I`m 40 years old now and I thought this mid-life crisis was unreal, but I`m feeling totally down and I see that is true. I don`t know what to do or think. I don`t have people to talk as my big problem is find a friend, I think I don`t know anymore how to make a friend as I`m always worried they will ask my age and think that I`m too old.
Help me,

Noel's response

I assume by 'find a friend' you mean a friend of the opposite sex, as if you were looking for a friend of the same sex, age would not be important.

I think 'finding a friend' is a daunting task for anyone who is 'back in the dating game' (as I assume you may be?).

Online dating sites are popular, and some people have found friends that way. Joining clubs for activities you are interested in (e.g. sports, hiking, photography, music, etc.) can also bring you into contact with people who may become your friend (either of the opposite sex, or simply a friend can talk to).

Church-goers often find friends at church.

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