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Making connections to reconnect

by Rcl

Husband moved out 4 months ago to find his "path" as we (me and 4 children) were choking him. He has rented a sparse apt and comes home about every 3 days to see/check on us or mow the lawn. He just turned 59 yrs. Old. Only took work clothes with him. Very little contact with children but I do talk to him almost every day. His job is stressful, he is a surgeon. Already owns sports car, plane boat and motorcycle. Third child went off to college in the fall. I take him lunch and/or a little something two days a week when he has clinic. He is coming home more and talks mostly to me. He did leave the home 9 years ago in the middle of affair. Came home after 8 months. I had seen depression I him as lots of problems at work and with his father. He just now started to make connections with the children, all are home for summer break. Could his coming around being trying to make a connection? I have been loving and kind during this but the kids are very angry with him.

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Jun 16, 2015

by: Noel

It sounds to me as though he is working his way through what I call an 'existential crisis' (i.e. who am I? What is the meaning of my life?). That fact that he is coming around and trying to reconnect with his children suggests he is making progress.

He might find the New Warrior Adventure Training useful. The next one in Arizona is in October (

He (and you) might also find the book "Crossing the Soul's River" by William O. Roberts Jr. useful. It is available through my website and/or through Amazon.

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