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My husbend of 12 years has left me for a 22 year old will it last

I found out that my husband was cheating with a 22 year old girl he is 58 i left and he is now with her will it last

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Back and forth

It has been almost a year since I asked my husband to leave. I found out he was texting and seeing a co worker 17 years younger behind my back. I asked

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The MLC spouse

I have jsut read a few of the stories from women whose men have dropped the midlife crisis bomb on them. I could tell my story but it is almost an exact

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Midlife crisis affair

My husband I believe is going through midlife crisis. He is 57 and he went to the Philippines in February and cheated on me. I found pictures of him and

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Hi, my nou x boyfriend is going through sort of a crisis

Hi, my x Moved out and in with one of his friends. Before that, he has been distant, slept a lot, rude. When he is nice, now still gives me complements,

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drugs for prostrate use

can FINASTERIDE be used with TAMSULOSIN to slow prostrate growth and not have any side affects

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mid life

does he have problems sleeping and getting hot and cold spells?

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One year post bomb drop

So here I am. It has been a little over a year since I found out about my husband and his midlife transition. I am not going to say it doesn't hurt -

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Is it midlife crisis?

I really hope you can help me understand whats happening with my husband We have been together 11yrs, married 3. He is 38, i am 32. We have always had

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2 months ago husband left me for his best friend sister. He is not himself, he does/acts like he never would before. Was all about family, friends get

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