Midlife Men who leave their wives of 28 years

by Bernadette
(United states)


Once a man leaves his devoted wife of 28 years is there any chance he will return after he realizes he's not looking for someone, but what he's accomplished?

Noel's Answer

I know of a number of couples who have split up during midlife transitions, and got back together later. Sometimes the man leaves, sometimes the woman leaves.

If they do get back together, it is usually because both of them have changed significantly, so they can go forward in a 'new relationship'. It is impossible for them to carry on with the relationship as it was before the split, even if the person who left (in your case the man) realizes he is not looking for someone.

My suggestion is you look at your own life, and think about what kind of relationship you want with your husband, in the event he does come back.

You may find some personal coaching, or counseling useful.


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