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My boyfriend is not sexually active anymore

The Question

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months now. During the first 4 months, he was sexually active. But as time goes by, he started going through a lot of stress. But even when we started dating, he was going through stress already.

However during our relationship in the beginning there were also a lot of arguments and fighting, and both of us were affected by it.

He is not financially stable right now, as he is still studying and his parents are retired. Could this be the reason why? Is money the reason?

Other than this, he has high blood pressure, however during the first 4 months itself the high blood pressure did not affect our sex life.

He feels unhappy because he has no money. This is really affecting me because it's not only about sex, I have not experienced intimacy for a very long time.

I feel really frustrated about this. Please help me. Are there any foods that can help get him active?

Noel's response

Stress and depression can certainly affect sex drive, and perhaps he is suffering from both.

As you have not been in a relationship very long, you might want to consider leaving it, and looking for a more 'active' man. It sounds as though your boyfriend has a number of issues, and probably needs some counselling to deal with them.

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