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My head sweats in social circumstances. Is that a midlife symptom?

by Fadi Wattar
(Damascus, Syria)

The Question

I am 36 years old. 3 years back, I started experiencing something that I’m not sure if I can call it mid age crisis. It happens only when I have a social or a business event. My head starts sweating and I lose focus on the event or the conversation because my concern is the amount of sweat coming on my head.

I need about 30-45 min to get into the normal phase. That is creating discomfort and it is not slowing down.

Is this part of a mid age crises? What are the solutions for my problem?

Noel's response

Sometimes men get 'hot flashes', but that is usually during their early 50s. Yours may be caused by stress or anxiety in social or business circumstances, or it may something more serious. I suggest you see your doctor about your condition.

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