My husband hides things

by Nancy
(Oklahoma city okla)


I have been married for about three years, and in the last year my husband has started to act strangely.

I will put something someplace, and when I go to get it, it isn't there. I will ask him if he has seen it, and he replies "no", but soon after he will come up with it and tell me it was someplace I have already looked two or three times. It is irritating to me, because I know where I put it, and it wasn't in the place he supposedly finds it, because I already looked there. Is this part of middle age crisis?

Noel's reply

This does not sound to me like middle age crisis activity. What he does is mean and unkind. I do not know whether it is deliberate, or due to some kind of emotional dysfunction on his part.

At any rate, it sounds strange to me, and not being a psychologist, I have no suggestion as to what to do.

Perhaps you could see a psychologist, or doctor, to figure out what to do. Do you have a trusted friend who knows him, and knows whether he has shown other aberrant behavior?

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