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My husband in his early fifties wants sex all the time and gets irritable if he doesn't get it.

My husband in his early fifties wants sex all the time. He gets really irritable and depressed if he in his words "gets backed up". Although I haven't gone off sex, I do have various health issues which have an effect on how often we are able to make love. I hasten to add we generally still manage once or twice a week but even then he doesn't always ejaculate. I feel to blame when he is so irritable but looking at this site I realize that it's maybe to do with him feeling like he is losing his sexuality. How can I help him?

Noel's response

I don't know how you can help him, except to look after yourself as much as possible while be empathetic regarding his desire for sex. The fact that he does not ejaculate every time suggests he may be worried about losing his sex drive, but it also might indicate he is using porn on the net.

In time he will probably get over his need for a lot of sex.

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