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My husband is going back to his old girlfriend from 30 years ago

My husband has just ended our marriage and decided to go back and live with an girlfriend (also married with children) after not seeing or hearing form her in 30 years. He seems adamant that they are going to live together and that's that.

What does this signify, other than the obvious that he doesn't want to be with me or our son?

Noel's response

It may signify that he is in the middle of a major midlife transition, and is projecting 'magical' characteristics onto the old girlfriend. What I mean by 'magical' is the kind of projection men and women put onto each other when they first 'fall in love', and the other person seems to be just perfect in every way. Of course as time goes on, the scales fall away from their eyes and they discover the 'magical new lover' is just an ordinary person after all.

It may not mean that he does not want to be with you, but rather that he wants to be with this woman who he has projected such wonderful characteristics onto.

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