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My husband is having an affair and won't admit to it

by D

My husband is having am affair and won't admit to it. why?

Noel's response

There could be a number of reasons...
- he is ashamed
- he believes it is temporary
- he doesn't want to lose you
- etc.

Is it possible he is not having an affair? (i.e. have you caught him 'red handed', or are you just 'pretty sure' he is having one?

Comments for My husband is having an affair and won't admit to it

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Jan 09, 2012
I know
by: Anonymous

I wish I had flew off the handle when I found out my hubby was calling someone else and played it cool. That is your first instinct to go comfort him. I am still working on getting to the bottom of it.

Jan 09, 2012
Play the game
by: Anonymous

I found out my husband had an affair by contacting the other woman with his phone and pretending to be him. It's amazing how much information you can get when the other woman thinks she's talking to your husband. My advice start out easy then ramp it up. You'll find out everything you need to know. What you do after is the other question.

Dec 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

my husband had an affair he denies it and what hurts the most is knowing it happened but not knowing why it happened we had only been married 8 weeks

Nov 29, 2011
My husband is also having an affair and won't talk about it
by: J in the Mid-West

I am 44 and my husband is 46. We have been married for 23 years. We have always been very affectionate until about a year ago. My husband was very distant for several months and I was the initiator of any sex. I eventually decided I was going to let him make the first move. It was very hurtful as he did not seem interested at all. Then I noticed he began to drink more and I became suspicious of him and a female coworker of his. He admitted to having an affair and now months later he denies this and states I just assumed this. He claims they are only good friends, in fact he has told a male friend of his that she is his best friend. This was even more hurtful than not being interested in having sex with me. I have many good friends but he was always my best friend. He will not talk to me about this and I am at a lost of what to do next. I am a beautiful, kind and confident lady and want a husband who loves me unconditionally. Is this a mid-life crisis my husband is going through? Should I continue to hang on to this marriage?

Nov 17, 2011
Having the same thing here
by: Anonymous

My husband has been talking to a lady he works with for 3 months.I caught him when I got his cell phone bill and it was way over his mintues.He says he is not having an affair, but the calls show something is going on.Don't know what to do.She is 46 and he is 58.

Nov 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have the same doubts. Did snoop on his phone cause of his behaviour just general chat but seems he is sharing pics of sunset, chat etc. with her. He has also mentally emotionally shut down on me. I keep asking he keeps denying...... now I have given up as I have no more proof. Its at his work and never shall have any proof. He says shes just a friend. He walked out of the house for 1/2 hour and came back saying he is not so why shld he leave! Hmmm

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