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My husband is wanting to leave for a couple of weeks. Is it wrong to have misgivings about this?

by Tammy
(Georgia USA)

My husband is 56. I'm 41. We have been married for 15 years. He has 5 kids, I have 2. They are all grow & only one @ home, my son who is almost 19. My husband has come to realize he is going through MLC. That knowledge & acceptances has given him more of a peace of mind cause now he knows what he has been going through is normal. Whereas before he felt like he was going crazy.

Before then he was ready to just take off. Wrecking my nerves & sense of security. I love my husband & I don't want to lose him. He has always had more freedom than most men. This could be the best time in our marriage with our kids being grow if He will allow it. Now he wants to leave home for a couple of weeks & stay with his oldest son who is 37 & recently single. He says he wants to do this to sort things out. Should I over-react cause I have misgivings about this? Or should I be patient & give him the time he needs?

But what if he stays away longer? I don't think I could handle that to well. O'mercy. This website has helped me to understand what he is going through but I'm still nervous about his instability.

Noel's response

I think it is probably a good thing to let him spend some time with his son and 'sort things out' in his mind. A couple of weeks is not an inordinately long time.

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Nov 21, 2011
life goes on.......
by: update from:Tammy

My husband has since admitted to having an affair. He has hurt me badly, and I have cried 3 rivers. Now, he wants to work things out between us & get back together. I don't. This is hard for me. I loved him so much. We have been married for over 15 years our whole relationship has been nearly 17 years. That is a chunk of time. I think of him all the time still, I am looking forward to when I don't anymore. I hope that day comes soon. I want closure as soon as possible which means a divorce. He doesn't want a divorce. I don't understand that. He is the one that has done this to us. He is the one that slept with a woman 2 years older than him, 58. She is the same age as my mother. & my mother died 2 weeks after he left me. So, my life has turned upside down in more than one way here lately. He is playing us both. I am done with him. I want to put this behind me. He has moved on even tho he knows now he has made a mistake. I deserve a life outside of him. He told a friend of mine he wants me back cause the whole time he is with her he has been thinking of me & my good qualities & he misses me. He should of thought about before hand. I don't put up with cheaters. I don't have too... Now, I love myself more than I loved him. I love life. Life goes on.

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