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My husband left me after 22 years

My husband and I got into an argument-I had been seeing text messages from another woman. He told me that he doesn't hate me but doesn't want to be married. He is with this other woman a lot but is saying that they are not having sex. We have 2 children and he really isn't even putting an effort into seeing them. He is still very attracted to me and does come back for sex with me. Could it be that he has just found comfort with this woman and is really not having sex with her? Unfortunately there are too many bad influences in his life right now and I so want to just sit and talk like he can with her. Will this ever happen? Do they ever really realize that they are making a mistake?

Noel's response

To answer your question: sometime the man comes back, sometimes he doesn't.

I would be surprised if he were not also having sex with the other woman, and as he has left your marriage for all intents and purposes, I suggest you stop having sex with him. Why would he want to be a responsible man if he can get whatever he wants and not have to act like an adult?

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