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My husband walked out after 14 1/2 years of marriage

by LOJ

My husband and I have been together for 16 years and married for 14 1/2 of them. This is his second marriage and he and I raised his 3 kids from his first marriage because their mom walked out. Now my husband and I have a 13 year old and a 5 year old together that he just up and left one night!

He said he doesn't love me anymore and the only happiness for him is NOT being with anyone in life. What kind of person does this? Does he not see or understand how horrible he is? Now my 13 year old has said comments to me about how he hates his dad for what he is doing.

And I'm afraid my son is becoming depressed because of this. Is this just human nature of my husband or does he just have something wrong in his mind and he is in denial to accept it??

Noel's response
Assuming your marriage has been good until recently, he may be in a midlife transition/crisis, and not know what he wants in life. That does not necessarily excuse his walking out, but it might help explain it.

I recommend you get some counseling for your son, as besides his anger at his dad for walking out, he may at some level feel as though it is his fault, which is very common in children when parents split up.

In the meantime, move forward with your life as best you can.

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