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new begining

by ce


I do not finish my college, but go to business. For many years (15) I run a profitable business, but in Dec, 2008 I decided to shut down operations.

I been trying to find a job with no luck, my wife want to divorce, my kids are in college And only care for them self and I just realize that I by my own in this world. I put so much time,effort and money in my family that I forget about me.

I have a cash flow problem, but I not broke, I do not have any debts, but I not making any money. Even when I own many properties that are not rent at this time, to make things worse, I feel lonely.

I considering finish my bachelor, opinion thanks?

Noel's answer

I think it is always a good idea to get more education. I do not know whether you have a goal for what you will do after you finish your Bachelor's degree, but either way, I encourage you to do it.

Good luck!


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