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No Conversation From Him

by Gaye

What's going on with this guy?

After my mid/late life crisis man of age 63 said, "That's it," left me for a vacation with 20 yr olds, I had visited him at his house, and he said we could spend the night together when we weren't working, and he called me darling, baby, kissed/hugged me. Next day, he sent me an email to say he was uncomfortable with me when I came out to see him, that we weren't getting back together as before, and that he didn't want to be involved with me or anyone else for awhile. Since then he has not called, or replied to any of my emails, nothing. Afther the holidays, I emailed him out for a drink, there was no response from him. We had 10 years of BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND relationship. I even sent him a hand written letter telling him I was okay with the breakup, and that I was sorry for my neglect of him, no passion, no sex for almost 4 years, and to please forgive me. And that I would like to be friends. I didn't get a response at all, nothing. I even text messaged him a nude picture of myself to entice him, to show him I was wanting sex from him. But no response. Why won't he talk to me? Has he written me off because he has gone with 20 yr olds, or he has no feelings for me anymore. Do I represent the past to him? Why won't he give me a chance? I'm ready to drink/party/have sex with him if he would let me. Why won't he give me a chance to show him I can be the person I was in the beginning of our relationship? Should I give up on any chance of getting back together with him?
We had 6 good years of love and affection, sex too. I still love him.
Any suggestions for this broken heart?

Confused and Heart Broken

Noel's response

Perhaps he doesn't trust that if you get back together, the same thing won't happen again - a period of 'good times', then you become emotionally and sexually unavailable.

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Feb 17, 2013
No Conversation from..
by: NWF

Hello, Hugs for you.

Please read my response to the other email about 63 year olds and 20 yrs olds. Maybe you are that same person. Begging, emails, texts, pleading and cryng do not help here, nor do naked pictues.
Do not lower your self-esteem and dignity for this man, or any man. He will lose respect for you due to those things. This is not what you want. Be strong..for yourself, let him see your strength. I know that you are hurting right now and he knows that also and that you love him, give him space and time to get thru this process he is going thru now. It is not about is about him. The best advice I can give you is to go to the website: Read as much as you can and believe what you read. The major categories are listed on the left side of the 1st page there. This is the best advice around, better than any book. You can also join the forum and post on it. Many others will come along and reply to you and you will feel welcomed and befriended. Read everything..there is much to learn.

Hugs for you, NWF

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