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Not sure but maybe...

by Mark
(Yakima WA)

Iam 44 yrs old no real education as you will probley find out when I misspell words ect. But I was married to my first wife for 7 yrs had 2 wonderfull kids and

to make a long story short she left. I really didn't fight it because she cheated on me at least twice that I know about.
Ok on to the next chapter, I met a women that really loves me. She put up with trying to combine our lives and kids together. In the last 6 months I lost
my father who was married to my mother for 55 yrs. He was a good christian and
lead his life according to those standards. When he passed it was fast, 3 months and he was gone. I always felt it should of happened or his passing should have been different, hard to explain.
Now I find myself wanting to change my life in all sorts of ways. I don't feel like
I am providing for my family like I should be. I seem to think back a lot of the
time and wonder why my new life partner dose not do all the things she used to do in the bedroom etc. I find myself wanting things that I used to get and wanting things that our new. Not just in the bedroom but in life in general.
My job is boring as heck, I have a new baby girl that is the love of my life but
I want to give her so much more than I provided in the past. I don't like the way
my life is going right now. I have a good relationship with my partner she tries to
listen to me as best she can but I am sure she is lost in all this. What do I do?
I have started to do online marketing for some extra cash and seem to like doing this. It feels like it gives me hope. I cant justify any of the feelings that I am
having but I cant change these feelings either.
What do I do about this? Is this a MLC?

Noel's response

It certainly has all the earmarks of a midlife transition. Rather than try to provide a long list of suggestions, I suggest you read this site, and also my book 'A Harley Or My Wife', which you can order here, or on Amazon.
Jed Diamond has also written several books on midlife which you might find useful. His site is
Good luck!

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