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other girl


I am married for 12 years, and have 2 kids. My husband loves me very much. But for the last 1 year my husband is very much attached to a girl working in his office.

he is not sexually attracted to her but he talks to her a lot sometime he talks to about 1 to 2 hr on phone he behaves normally with me and our kids as earlier. But i don't like talking to that girl i feel insecure. I have told him but he tells that they are talking about their company. I don't know what to do.
Please suggest.

Noel's response

About the only thing I can think of to suggest is that you tell your husband how you feel when he calls this woman so often for so long. (e.g. you might say something such as "When you call (the woman) from home so often, and talk for so long, I feel as though you do not value me, and I feel left out. I know you love me, but I feel upset and angry when you spend so much time on the phone with her. I would like you to do your business talking at work, and be here for the kids and me when you are home."

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