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re-connecting with high school boyfriend

My high school boyfriend(first love)recently got in touch with me. He said an old school mate of ours gave him my number.

He wants me to visit him and says he misses me. I've been married but am widowed with two grown kids. i guess he is still married (he is not willing to talk about his family).
we both are in our early 50's now. found out i still feel something for him. what do i do?

Noel's response

You have enough life experience by now that you can answer your question yourself! And if you have read many of the questions on this blog, you know enough about the pain caused by the 'other woman' that you surely do not want to become one.

I see no reason not to meet him for a visit, but if he is still married, and his 'wife doesn't understand him', etc., and he wants to begin a romantic relationship with you, I suggest you not take any steps in that direction unless he leaves his wife, and at least legally separates, if not divorces her.

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