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Practical Retirement Planning

Explore the Four Pillars for a Successful Retirement - Your Finances, Your Health, Family & Friends and Your Zest for Living.

Retirement Planning 4 Baby Boomers 

They say that after a long life of honest labor, retiring is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable time, a time when you are able to be with your friends, family and loved ones more often... 


This site provides inspirational stories and essential information for planning and living an active retirement that’s right for you.

Guide to Retirement Plans

As you approach midlife, saving for retirement becomes more important than ever. What with all the new laws and regulations that appear around every corner, it's easy to feel lost and confused about your retirement sometimes. But you don't have to be. We intend to arm retirement plan investors with the knowledge needed to understand retirement plans, pick the ones suitable for them, and save and invest properly to ensure a fulfilling retirement!

Thailand Retirement

Want to retire comfortably on $1000/£550/E750 per month? Then consider Thailand with its warm climate, wonderful friendly people and very low cost of living. Our large and very detailed guide will show you what you can expect from retirement in Asia’s exotic retirement haven, we give you all the information you need to decide if retirement or semi retirement in Thailand is for you.

Retirement Living Community in Ecuador

Ecuador's Best Retirement Living Community - Hacienda de Las Flores. Luxury, low cost, independent or assisted living high in the Andes. Fresh air, clean water, healthy living at very low cost and the wonderful, friendly people of Ecuador. Love where you live!