The Seven Lies of Network Marketing

I tried network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing' or 'mlm') for the first time about ten years ago. I had read Michael Gerber's "The E-Myth" (about how to structure business systems, work on your business, not in it, and other very useful information for self-employed entrepreneurs

Gerber said there are two kinds of 'turn-key' businesses: franchises, and network marketing.

Franchises cost way too much for the avegage person (a cheap one is in excess of $500,000), but network marketing is easily affordable.

Robert Kiyosaki, auther of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", and a number of other books, also touts network marketing as a viable approach to working independently.

I took them both at their word, met some network marketers I liked at a business seminar, and joined their company.

I had some sales training forty years ago, so applied it, and signed up a number of people the first week. Then... nothing. None of my 'downline' made any sales.

I realized I didn't really know anything about network marketing, so went to the library and borrowed every book I could find on it.

This is where I started learning the 7 great lies of network marketing. At the time I didn't know they were lies, although I never liked the stuff we were supposed to do: annoy our friends and family by 'prospecting' them, call total strangers and 'prospect' them, bring guests to meetings in hotel rooms, where they would be exposed to speakers who would presumably motivate the guests to join the company.

I have done a reasonable amount of direct marketing (for example, selling cassettes on farm management topics through the mail and magazine ads), and I knew that every marketer, with the exception of network marketers, spends a lot of time identifying precisely who their 'target market' is.

It is an absolute truth of marketing that there is no product that is suitable for everyone. It is also true that if you try to prospect everybody, you waste all kinds of time and money.

Yet that is what the network marketing industry expects its people to do.

I tried a couple of companies, worked hard at them, spent all kinds of money buying 'hot leads' and 'recruiting systems', and made some money, but never enough to cover my expenses. I have learned that is the story for more than 90% of network marketers.

And Yet...

I think Gerber and Kiyosaki are right, but I also think the network marketing industry's approach to marketing is all wrong.

Dr. Ken Evoy, president of Solo Build It, the company that hosts this website, and that has helped thousands of ordinary people build successful businesses on the web, has said for years that network marketing is a natural for the internet, but that the industry just doesn't get it.

But Ann Sieg did get it.

She worked very hard at network marketing, did everything she was told, and when she didn't make any net income, was told by her upline to do it harder.

Of course if something doesn't work, doing it harder won't help.

Ann then learned some of the principles of 'normal' marketing (the way the rest of the world markets products), realized the mistakes and outrigh lies the mlm industry tells its people, and designed a system to market properly.

Soon she was signing up more people than she ever had, and they were signing up because they wanted to work with her. She didn't 'prospect' them - didn't make cold calls, didn't pester her friends and relatives, didn't go to any weekly meetings. Her new people approached her.

Not only that, but she made extra income from the marketing program she designed to attract people to her business. A lot of extra income.

Ann has made this program available to the public, and it is the program I use. If you decide to work with me, you will probably want to use it too. (Unless you like pestering your friends and family, etc.)

To get more information about Ann's approach, and especially to get a clear understanding of why network marketing doesn't work for most people (I am aware that some people do make money in mlm, sometimes a lot of it), click on the picture below to download Ann's free 35-page ebook "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.

I think that will give you all the information you need in order to decide whether you want to actually make some real income in network marketing.