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Shall i wait

by Pam
(San Jose, CA)


My husband is age 53. We've been separated for 4 yrs now. He left me, because he said he fell out of love for me, and admitted he has an another woman.

I still care for him a lot being my ex, and the father of my only son. I learned that his relationship with the other woman didn't work out. Now he is living alone and just renting a room. I've been telling him to come home, but he choose to live by himself.

He keeps on saying he feels miserable, he is like a hermit and doesn't want to go work. How long is the mid-life crisis in men?

Should I wait or should I let go? He doesn't make an efforts at all to communicate with us. Is there a cure for it?


Noel's response

I don't know how long his current situation will last. It sounds as though he could be depressed, and perhaps some anti-depressant medication would be useful.

Regardless, let go and move on. He is making it very clear he does not want to come home and be with you. Move on with your life.

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