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She says she is leaving because of our age difference

by Alex J.

I was in mid 30’s when I married my girlfriend which was 20 years old. We have had a very successful marriage for 25 years and 2 wonderful children aged 24 and 21. I had to move overseas for work last year and after 6 month coming back for summer holiday, she mentioned to me that she does not love me anymore and asking for divorce saying that i am too old for her and she needs to hang out with people of her age.

I know since I have left she had been spending more time with her single friends in the sport centre which she normally goes for gym and tennis.

Not too sure how to deal with this situation since we have never had any age issues. I am very healthy and sporty, even more so than she is and can’t really see where she is coming from.

I am packing up my job and going home soon however, don’t want to do something to compromise my chances. However, don’t really understand the situation and how to proceed. Any suggestions please.

Alex. J

Noel's response

I am not sure what to suggest. You being gone for 6 months may have been very difficult for her, both from loneliness and perhaps even frustration over not having sex.

I suggest you see if she will go to marriage counseling with you when you get home, so you could perhaps discuss what led to her deciding you are too old. And maybe get back together (or at least, if she is unwilling, at least separate amicably.

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