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should i keep communication open with my partner?

by marie

Sometimes i feel angry, hurt, confused, i want to run away from this. he comes round every weekend to our house to walk the dogs should i avoid him or keep communication open even though i know he is not really in the real world!

Noel's response:

I suggest you follow your own intuition on this. Do you WANT to keep communication open? Is there any reason to?

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Nov 02, 2011
crazy for him
by: Anonymous

well that thing is that i fall in love with 49 year man i'm 36 i'm also married! but i don't love my husband no more!!!! this man only came into my live to confuse me now he is with a 19year old girl i dont now what to do with this situation he promise me he was going be with me but it was just a big lie!!!i feel like ending my life

Oct 26, 2011
age sucks all around
by: Lauren

marriage is so hard and men will always disappoint as we both age...... yes COMMUNICATION is huge.... and sometimes the only thing that keeps me and sleepy, exhausted sleep apnea fella together will be 28 years in May and the longer we are together the more we need and annoy one another,.

You have an incredible gift! Marriage and hell yeah I grumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is almost like what we say about America!!!! it isn't perfect!!!!! But it is better than any alternative!

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone! xo wish you the best if you ever wanna chat? contact me at

Oct 22, 2011
Communication with EX
by: Anonymous

My husband wanted a divorce a year ago and has moved out. He is hostile. I limit communication to emails only and only about my daughter, separation agreement and nothing else. I also let him know that I only communicate if he decided to come back and committed in the relationship again otherwise no talking. I don't want my life and mood to be affected by his negativity. I need to concentrate on building my happiness and my daughter's happiness again. this is the transition time for me as well to rediscover myself and grow as a strong, mature woman. Hope this helps.

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