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should i leave my husband because he hasn't had sex with me for3 months?

My husband got caught by me because he was having an affair. This was going on for 3 weeks I didn't leave him because I'm giving us a chance but 1 week after I caught him I found out again he was seeing that woman. Now he leaves one day out of the week but I don't know if he is still cheating but we haven't had sex because he doesn't try.

Noel's response

Your husband's behavior sounds suspicious. Do you know where he goes on the one day per week that he leaves?

Perhaps if you ask him outright he will give you an answer. As to whether you should leave because you haven't had sex for three months, I wouldn't suggest that is reason enough to split up. There can be many reasons for not having sex.

If he lies or is deceitful when you confront him and it turns out he is still seeing the other woman, that is a different matter.

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