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should I marry this older man?

my age is 23, I am in love with man his age 43, he is married, we would like to marry but I am afraid that is it right or wrong,but he is loving me lot. his wife is not speaking with him properly, he has two children they are studying in 11 th & 12th standard. If we marry what will their reaction? of course i will take care about them.... but still,,, i dont know whaT I HAVE TO DO.

Noel's response

Of course he is not able to marry you until he is divorced from his wife, which he may or may not ever do.
You are the 'younger other woman' who middle aged men sometimes have affairs with, and then go back to their wives. I suggest you not make any serious long-term plans with this man until he has divorced his wife, and lived on his own for at least a year or two.
As for his children, it is almost certain that they will be very angry with your for 'destroying their parents' marriage'.
In the long run, you would very likely be happier with an unencumbered man closer to your age.

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