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strange husband

by april

this is a tad embarrassing but im at my wits end...i think im losing my mind the way my husband of 31 yrs is acting i dont even know him anymore. mood swings arguing with me without me (honestly saying one word) he takes on my role of the argument! Very strange..

also well sex..its all he talks about he has always been a kind of sex addict has cheated about a dozen times during our marriage..but the last yr its just been gross talking not the cute love talk we used to have..hes all over the net dating sites and god knows what other sites hes on..

i dont want to end up the ol' divorced woman whos husbands left her...ive made so many sacrifices over the yrs if it all ends up for nothing i dont know what id do..also lastly he never permitted me to work so im pretty scared he'll leave me...any advice.

thx for reading sincerely april

Noel's response

My suggestion is that you talk to a counselor/psychotherapist to help you figure out what to do.
I also suggest you talk to a lawyer to get an idea of what kind of situation you would be in if he did leave, and how you could protect yourself financially. There are several, perhaps many, sites for women who might be getting divorced. Here are a couple you might find useful:

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