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support groups

by frank
(pittsburgh, pa)

The Question

Are you aware of any support groups in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for men with mid-life crisis?

Noel's response

I Googled "Men's support group Pittsburgh" and found a few. Some are church men's groups, but this one, which was launched on January 3, 2010 might be what you are looking for: Eastend Men's Group

There is also the ManKind Project, which hosts the New Warrior Adventure Training, and encourages men to join an "Integration Group" after they have taken the training. I highly recommend this training for any man who wants to clarify his life mission, and live a life with the support of other men. It is an organization of men mentoring men through the stages of life. I do not know whether there are any Integration Groups in Pittsburgh, but there is a chapter in Philadelphia, and the contact there could give you information about what is happening in Pittsburgh:

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