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Taking a break from us

My husband (40) left with packed bags on Thursday night when he got home late from work, said he needed a break from us (I have 2 kids). He has been on edge for a while - especially with the kids but always said he loved me and showed affection for me. For the last 2 weeks he has been working late as he is very stressed at work. And very moody - and didn't want me to hug him or come close to him. I asked him what was the matter a week ago and he said it was nothing to do with me - its him and I mustn't worry. On Thursday when I asked him why he was leaving - he said because of me - he feels disconnected from me - he was very cold and had a blank look - no emotion. I am devastated - he won't let me know were he is staying or anything - I have told the kids he is just working through night and day. What could be going on?

Noel's response

It is hard to tell what is going on, but it has the earmarks of a midlife transition.

Read other submissions here, and you will see others have had the same experience.

Even though I know it is very hard to understand, and very worrisome for you, perhaps he does need some time alone to ponder his life.

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