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Talking to my husband, who left our home

My husband left our home 2 weeks ago with a few bags of clothing. He said he needs Time & space from our home & me. I was in shock. we have been married for 26 years and I have given him everything he could want. He works from home, and doesn't make much money at all, so I have been the bread winner for years. I have never complained about it.

He spends our money and i still don't complain. I have never made him feel less than. He smokes weed daily to keep his sanity as he puts it. He gets anxiety attacks from time to time. He is on thyroid medication for a low thyroid as well.

He has called me every night and texts me most mornings to say hello and see how I am doing. He also says I love you every time and says he misses me.

we met the first time after 4 days, now we are meeting again tonight. However he doesn't say much and can't seem to tell me why he is unhappy. I asked about another women he said NO, I asked if he was IN love with me and he said he thinks so.

I don't know how to handle this, and i don't want to give up on him or our relationship

any thoughts?

Noel's response

If you have read the other comments here, and/or read the rest of this website, you will see he acting like many other men at his age.

He may just need some space, as many men and women do at this age. I suggest if you are still supporting him (you mention he is spending your money) while he is living away from you, you might suggest he live on his own dime.

As I have suggested to others, figure out what you want to do with your own life, with or without him, and move ahead with it.

Comments for Talking to my husband, who left our home

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Apr 05, 2013
My husband left but acts nice
by: Anonymous

Mine left a week ago I tried the no contact but he calls me and acts nice but doesn't talk about coming home. He even came by the house to pick up some stuff and ate a sandwich.he is a MJ smoker to and has never held a job. He started a business and loses focus with every job so ends up losing money. He has done this before in 2010 and it was for 23 days. So I'm trying to wait it out. I have been doing things I never have time to do and catching up with friends and family but the hardest part is a night. I do everything for him and when he left he still asks me for help so I do what I can I even let him borrow my car and his grandma said he was happy. So my plan is to wait and pray and I estimate he'll be back on day 23

Oct 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just found out my husband who I love more than anything has been having an affair off and on for about 2 years... I knew there was something wrong I just didn't want to believe it. I think he is a wonderful even though this happened I am willing to forgive him because we have had a great life and have great kids two boys 21 and 19 and a daughter who is 13. He says its not me or us or any other woman its him and he is sorry. I think we are going to try to work on it. I know I am gonna be dealing with many emotions. I am so deeply hurt he is my sweetheart I don't want anyone else. I feel so weak and I just want him to stay because I love him so.,. Why did this happen ..

Sep 29, 2011
Wearing similar shoes
by: Tammy

Hello again, My husband smokes MJ too. I've got to where I call it the other woman, (get it MJ). That's his main focus. He tells me he misses me also. & something else similar to you also. O! I've asked him about if there is a other woman. He says No. But I know of things otherwise. Some of those are things he let slip, but it wasn't sexual he says. I don't know if He will come back or if I want him too. But, I do know I need to heal from what he has put me through. I encourage you to do the same. MJ smokers seems to be very selfish people.

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