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by Gilberto
(Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil)

Dear Noel,

My name is Gilberto and I am married to a wonderful lady named Lia. We are in our early sixties and live in Campinas, São Paulo but we also spend the winter in a beautiful coastal city here in Brazil where it is sunny and warm all year round.

We were both born into very traditional Christian families and got married when we were in our early twenties. We have two children both grownups and married now. Our life has always been quiet and peaceful. We can say we have been really blessed.

When we reached our fifties, we both started going through midlife changes, although I had always thought it was only a female thing (menopause), which in my wife’s case happened prematurely when she was about 45.

Because of our religious background, sex was somehow a taboo. It was just something we had because it was part of our married life, even though we seemed to enjoy it our own traditional way. Due to my wife’s premature menopause we spend some time in the dark concerning having sexual relations. To me it was not a big deal as I started masturbating again often which was something I used to do when I was younger and before I got married.

Still, I did that just when I was stimulated by something sexual I would see on TV, or when I went to the beach or clubs. I would wait till I got home and please myself as I never looked for any kind of pornography whatsoever. Sometimes my wife would give me a helping hand but as time went by I started worrying about her not being interested in sex at all and I longed for moments of interaction with her.

We did not really talk about that and we were both very discreet about our personal life with friends and family as well. Later, I realized I was also going through midlife changes specially being more irritable and emotional in general and also masturbating a lot more due to my wife’s loss of interest in sex, although most of the times it was very satisfying.

We made some friends here where our summer home is, and a couple about our age really called our attention. Marcos and Gloria are also Christians and are really nice and vivacious people. They can be so much fun.

One day, I was really intrigued by something my wife told me. She and Gloria happened to talk about sex and Gloria ended up telling my wife that she was going through hormonal reposition and they also talked about tantric sex. Next time we met with them, I asked Marcos about tantric sex, and he just told me I had to try that, and my life would change.

They gave us the address of a so called “tantric centre”. We took part in a lecture for beginners which was very much interesting. We learned some general stuff about tantra, tantric massage and so on, then we decided to learn more what it was all about mainly because my wife was very interested in the subject and so was I.

We then took part in a session with some other couples, a small group, to learn more about massage for women (yoni massage). The instructor (a lady) was a very special person and one of the ladies in the group, together with her husband, volunteered for a practical lesson. They had to take off their clothes to have the massage performed.

I had never seen another naked woman in front of me before, neither had my wife seen another man but it was not something that shocked us or any of the participants. The session took the whole day, the theoretical part was in the morning and the practical part in the afternoon.

Everyone there was really interested in learning all about the massage and we were free to ask questions. I have to confess that I was pretty aroused in spite of the situation which was supposed to be educational, and so was my wife who told me that when the session was over. Needless to say we had a wonderful time when we got home.

The next Saturday, we enrolled for another session but this time on massage for men (lingam massage). Again, during the practical part of the session, another couple volunteered. They were both about 70 years of age and seemed so tranquil and confident.

It was amazing to see how the massage goes and to learn that our body as a whole can provide us so much pleasure. The man had not had an ejaculation for a long time and he just exploded right there in front of the participants, although ejaculation is not the main purpose of the massage.

After that, we went back to the centre and had some private massage sessions with different instructors including the four-hand massage type.

Now, my wife and I have been practicing the massage at home very often and our sex life has been wonderful. We have been experiencing sensations that we never thought existed and it is amazing how we can bond. I love to perform the massage on her and so does she on me.

It has also been interesting how we can learn and change as we can do things we never thought we could or would do like opening our hearts and free ourselves from the chains of prejudice.

I do hope our tantric sex experience can help other couples.




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its good
by: Tevil Longbton

This is something that could not be explained with words. I feel there is no point in me trying so hard on doing it either. It is something which should be experienced personally to understand its true purpose and how it helps us. sell chase ultimate rewards points

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