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The Collapse Of the Closet

by Graham Hempsall

Hi, I'm 55.. my names Grahame and until now I have lived a normal, very straight kind of life. I am an investment banker, married with two asthmatic children, Egbert and Robert. Me and my Wife have been happily married for 25 years until recently she developed cerebral palsy and my sexual attraction towards her dropped like a lead balloon. What is wrong with me I asked!?

I started looking at other women, fantasizing about what I would do for one night with their normally functioning limbs. Then I thought, none of these women are giving me wood. None of them!

It all changed when I met Franco. Our water boiler had broke the previous day and I called out a plumber, and my God he can play with my pipe!! He was Spanish, dark skinned wearing a navy blue boiler suit, rugged stubble and eyes that could seduce the most straight man... and they did. Oh Paulo!! My wife was in bed and I took my opportunity... I said Marco, there is a problem downstairs... Downstairs he replied, YES I said.. unzipping my jeans and uncoiling my hard erect penis.

Fabio left the house in shock, I stood there cock in hand, crying and wanking. Am I gay? Has my closet collapsed? HELP ME!

Noel's response

I don't know whether you are gay, but I do suggest you see a psychologist for a few sessions. He (I suggest you see a man) can help you answer that question.

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