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This is not one you'll hear very often at the office.

by Rodger Morrison
(Edmonton Ab.)

My wife and I used to raise the rafters when we first got married 15 years ago, but due to her disability, for about the last 5 years we haven't been able to do more than hug and kiss.

We love each other as deeply as the day we got hitched, but I've always been an extremely passionate person, and I've always needed to be able to share my physical self along with my emotional love.

I have lost interest in intercourse many years ago. I'm just too damn lazy, I guess. Lately I've been hoping to meet someone on a plethora of so-called "free" sites, but after seeing any question I posed to "customer-service" get more than 5 different replies to the same question, from 5 different club names I began to feel
more like a half-plucked chicken in a fuck factory.

I only wrote to this site to find out if any other men out there are feeling as plucked (monetarily), as I do, or am I just as dumb as I think I am.
I'd sure like to hear about anything that's happened to you,OK?

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