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To Nice for to long!

My husband has been going the the classic mid life he loves me but not in love with me. He feels numb but not sure what he wants. Well this has been going on for 9 months now. I needed to change some of my ways and I have but he is not wanting to try I do not think. I love him we have two children that deserve parents that love each other. I have gave him all the time and away time he has needed. I have asked him to leave two times but still here. He says he is only staying for the kids is that fair? I am at the point where I just want to get on with my life but it is hard with him still here. What do I do?

Noel's response

It sounds as though you haven't been very 'firm' with him, in that you have asked him to leave, but he has not taken you seriously. If he won't leave, perhaps you can, if you can afford it. You don't say how old your children are, but perhaps they would move with you.
On the other hand, you could perhaps get a court order to make him leave.

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