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Trying to figure out what is wrong with my husband

by Jennifer

My husband and I have been married for 20 years next month... We've always had a good relationship lots of love and he was the best dad and husband you could ask for! I've not always been the best wife, that woman thing I guess.

Always accused him of cheating even tho I don't think he really ever did. Not sure when he would have other than work he was with me or the kids. He deployed in Jan. this year to Iraq and we talked on the phone almost everyday or video chatted up until mid March.

He got sick and I noticed he started pulling away from me we didn't talk a lot anymore I just chalked it up to me working and he recovering from his sickness. Well in May he told me he doesn't love me and that he really never has the way a husband should love a wife. Well you could have fooled me cause I sure always felt as if he did. I was floored. So were our children.. 22, 19 and 14 years old.

He and I still talked every day, but a few weeks later I found out that he was talking to some lady on the net that he thinks he loves. He barely talks to our kids. yes they're hurt but he is not the same person. it's like Night and DAy! He's not caring anymore. He says we need to be happy for him.

Sorry but you just ruined our lives and you want us to be happy. His memory is horrible he will email me the same question 5 times and I tell him every time I've already answered it..

I need help trying to figure out what is wrong with him can you please help me.. I'm trying to save my marriage! I love this man and I know that he is my soul mate.

My kids hate him/ they don't they're just really hurt, but he is not the same person.

My 19 year old daughter told him that physically he may be her dad but mentally she doesn't know who he is.. He told his 14 year old son that when he got mature he could talk to him again. And blocked his email. I mean this man was the best father you could know. We need to know what happened to him and how to help him... Please

Noel's response

I don't know what happened to your husband. You don't mention what kind of sickness he suffered from. Was it a wound? A germ? A psychological problem such as traumatic stress?

Perhaps if you see a counselor, or talk to his doctor, they could help.

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Jan 12, 2012
by: jo

It has it's way of getting their attention, doesn't it. Heart attack scare, epiglottis infected (who ever heard of this before it happens--and the seriousness of what it could mean) , heal spur, plantarfecisus ?I can't remember, ligament pulled , ED , depression, stomach upset (enough for prescription), sleeplessness, anger, loss of respect at work, hand tremble,(could mean many things) nervous disorders which were very apparent , lack of concentration, financial crunch, job loss, embarrassment, shame, guilt, gout, loss of life vision or goal, loss of faith or hope, fear of death. doesn't sound like she she would be worth all that but truth is she was. that's reality. and I have no doubt forgot so many things. porn , oh yeah, strange how tastes change, how a perfectly sane man can become so insane,. in love. can't remember him this way when we met in 1965. can't remember anything but how sexy he seemed, what a gentleman. how sweet. what a catch. life was good. I never wanted for more. now all I want is his love.

Aug 11, 2011
trying to figure out what is wrong
by: Anonymous

well he got sick had a little surgery done and then with in a week or so he got some deadly string of food poison...

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