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These are useful products, which I use. They are network marketing products, but you do not have to do any network marketing in order to buy the products. Just click on the link or picture of the product, and I will take you to a page with more information about it, plus show you how to get and start using it, if you wish.

Sidebar:If you would like to make some extra money marketing these products to others, please feel free to do so. I would welcome you into my organization.

HOWEVER, I do not do any of the traditional ways of network marketing (making a list of your friends and family and irritating them with phone calls and visits, going to weekly meetings, and so forth).

They don't work There is a way that does work though, and that is what I use. To learn more, click here:

The 7 Lies of Network Marketing

Gas Capsules save money

mpg Caps

These gas capsules make your motor run more efficiently. Yes, I know you have heard that before :-)

But I tested these myself for six months, in both my car and my light truck. The results impressed me, and I have used them regularly since. And these caps work in either gasoline- or diesel-powered engines. Drivers of heavy trucks can save a fair whack of money.

Get more details here: MPG-Capsules

Healthy Coffee (Yes, there is such a thing).

Gano Cafe Classic

I started drinking this coffee a couple of years ago when a friend told me about it. It doesn't taste as good as freshly ground gourmet coffee, but it does taste good.

It is 'healthy coffee' because it has reishi mushrooms added, which are said to have been called the 'king of the herbs' in ancient China. I even went so far as to have a Cranial-Sacral therapist I know test my body's reaction to this coffee, and she said that in spite of the fact that my body isn't too crazy about coffee (I guess mostly my taste buds are), my body's reaction was positive because of the reishi mushrooms.

You can learn more here: Gano Cafe

Usana Health Maintenance Products

My research shows that as we age, we need nutritional supplements. Elizabeth and I have both researched the supplement industry, and have concluded that Usana products are the highest quality.

We take a number of Usana supplements daily, including 'The Essentials (multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements), Omega 3, Palmetto Plus (for my prostate), and Proflavanol® 90.

Usana has won many awards for its high-quality products and its management. It is a publicly-listed company (NASDAQ: USNA), and in spite of the disastrous economy in 2008, it still made a profit even in that year!

If you are interested in using Usana products, contact me, and I will help you order some.

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